Saturday, 12 December 2009

2nd Pegasus Knight

The Pegasus Knight in greens is finished, hope you'll like him!
As suggested by Rogue Pom, I have tried to bring more yellow into the highlights of the cloth, making them a much lighter green - personally I think it looks better now, although I think I could've made it a tiny bit lighter, as it still is darker than the purple on the first Knight.

Progress on the last Knight's going slow, but I hope I'll have him finished before I leave for Norway (9 days to go...). I've started redoing the orange, using a lot more Blood Red to create shade, but still on a experimental stage, so not sure where it'll end just yet, heh.

If I don't get finished before I leave, then I wish you all a happy Christmas holiday!
I'll bring my camera back home and see if I can catch a picture or two of my old models. Maybe I can challenge my brother's army in a battle for our dining room's table top, heh.


  1. He looks a tret. I'm glad my advice was actually useful. I think the folds in the cloth etc look much more dynamic now.

    Well done mate.

    And merry christmas to you too, and good luck against your brother.

  2. He looks awesome Noeste. The green looks great now and the rest of the mini is brilliant. The colouring on the Pegasus looks great. Also looking at the bases again they really are good. Your brother is going to be very pleased with these!
    If you don't post again before hand, Merry Christmas Noeste!

  3. I really like the look of this guy. The green and yellow is a nice combination, they work really well together. The freehand is simple looking but adds a lot to the mini.