Sunday, 11 July 2010

8th Edition Event at Local GW - pt.2

Sorry about this late post, but was to a pubcrawl most of saturday afternoon and evening.. My hangover combined with the very un-northly heatspell Copenhagen is under at the moment, really hasn't had me in the mood for writing, but here comes my short resume of the 8th Edition release-party event at the Games Workshop store here in Copenhagen.

The crowd was huge, and when I left for my pubcrawl a few minutes past 1, they had just three copies of the new rulebook left, all the others sold! Not many had taken the time to dress up, but the few who did looked splendid in their outfits. I believe there was a Witchhunter, a Tilean merchant or member of some free company, and there was a Priest of Ulric and an Abbess of Sigmar (bitter rivalry between the two members of the clergy was evident, as they tried to convert followers to their respective Gods...)
Very sporty and cool of them to do so, great for the mood at the event.

Then there was the cake-baking competition, sad to say mine didn't make the cut, although several staff members commented on it being one of the tastiest of the lot, but it was the store manager who had the say in which cake was the best tasting, and to his tongue, it wasn't mine... The cake best decorated was also rewarded, and one had created 3 Orcs out of marzipan and deservedly won that prize.

At 1 pm, the painted miniatures were to be judged, and I must say the dozen or so entries were of a very high standard; several of them converted as well. Unfortunately I never got to take pictures of any of them, but a wonderful Spellsinger won the competition. Faultless blending and really smooth colourtransitions combined with a very detailed and expressionfull face, gave the model the little extra, which the other miniatures lacked.

But there will be other chances, both for me and all the other miniature painters in the area! Another competition will be held in September, for that month's release - or that's roughly what the store manager said, and I'll just cross my fingers and hope he sticks to his word. My guess is that the theme will be the forthcoming Island of Blood-set, or alternatively be Chaos Daemon-related, with the second wave of Daemon-models coming in August.
Either way, I hope the competition won't be restricted to the armies in the Island of Blood or to Daemons, but I guess that could be a way of upping the sales for said armies... I guess only time will tell.


  1. Shame you didn't win but sounds like a great time all the same! :)
    If you do have to paint Daemons it'll give you an excuse to get a Daemon Prince or maybe some Steed of Slaanesh mounted characters etc... :)

  2. Yea, a great time it was.

    I was down at the store this morning to pick up Vlad (didn't want to have him in my backpack while walking from pub to pub..), and one of the staff I talked to said it'd probably be an event for the Island of Blood, but he doubted there would be any army restriction for a painting competition.

    I also discussed with him the possibility of getting a Legendary Battle at the store, inspired as we both were by the Slaughter at Volganof, page 452 in the new rulebook for those who have missed it. I mean, wouldn't it be awesome if a group of players bought one Battallion-set or something each, settled on some colour schemes, and painted up two sides of some grand battle?
    We'll have to wait and see what the manager says of the idea, but I know I'll step in, if the chance presents itself, no matter which armies will be represented.

  3. Sounds awesome! If it happens be sure to photograph it because it would be a thing of beauty! :D

  4. Heh, hold your horses, at the moment it's mainly dreams from my side, but I'd love to see them become reality! But if they do, I promise there will be pictures, as well as written reports of the progress along the way.

    Either way, the new rules and all has really made me loose a bit of my motivation for my Space Hulk set, and instead I've picked up my regiment of Chaos Warriors, still to be finished converted. Will have to see what I end up doing, so far today I've mainly looked a few of them over, and drawn some scetches of the regiment as a whole, and how I want it all to look... But oh, I do want to finish at least one of the Space Hulk squads this summer - what a dilemma!

  5. More Slannesh? or a new faction for the warriors?

  6. Little time for painting at the moment, but when I get back at it, I'll keep on finishing my Space Hulk miniatures, and possibly continue to work on my Warriors of Chaos - which still will be devoted to Slaanesh. Just need to find the time...