Saturday, 29 October 2011

Sorcerer of Slaanesh and new pictures of Wood Elf Highborn

Here's the Sorcerer of Slaanesh I built out of the Empire Battle Wizards box, and he's now awaiting judgement in Copenhagen's Games Workshop, along with my Amethyst Wizard. Saw some very nice entries when I dropped my miniatures off this morning, I think it will be tough!

Managed to take some pictures of him before I left him at the store; in a way it is wrong to say he is finished, because I had initially planned to paint a large Slaaneshi freehand design on his back, but at 2:30 am this morning, I simply couldn't keep my brushstrokes straight, and had to leave him as he is - but maybe I'll finish him properly when I get him back. Might rebase him as well, come to think of it; just couldn't be bothered with building something nicer last night.

Also had some trouble with the undercoating of this model; for some reason, the white spray left rather large pellets of paint on the right side of his cloak, which made an uneven and rugged surface - hopeless to try any smooth blending or shading in that area, sadly. Awh well, really happy with the flames and his book. The OSL could maybe have been more smooth, but I think it's OK.

Hope you like him!
My Wood Elf Highborn was returned to me when I left my pair of wizards, and I've taken some new pictures of him, which does the miniature some more justice than the poorly lit and unfocused pictures GWCopenhagen took for their facebook site...

I've already introduced him in a previous post, but with these pictures I can't but repeat my satisfaction with the blade and the base of the model.
Hope you like him as well!


  1. realy nice models. I'm liking the sorce lighting from the sword.

  2. Busy weekend eh? Thats a lot done since I checked here last. I also had some problems with white spray doing that before. You can gently file the 'pellets' off. Its is damned annoying though.

  3. Yeah, busy weekend!

    I think my problems with the white spray might be due to some half-dried/clumpy paint in the tube. I sprayed the 'Black' Wizard just before the 'Purple' one, but only the 'Black' got the pellets.

    I'll try to do some (more) 'precausive spraying' at thin air, before I bring the can to my next model... Hopefully it'll help