Wednesday, 20 January 2010

*cracks the whip*

Holiday's over, exams are done for now, and it's time to return to the hobby!

It's been well over a month since last update, and I'm afraid I have nothing new to show youtoday, as I havn't done anything hobby-related since I finished the three Pegasus Knights for my brother.

I've still not decided on what colours to use on my Dragon Ogres, now that my mind's free to think of other things than my exam, I'll see if I don't get a spark of inspiration the following days. Suggestions are of course welcome!
In the meantime, I'll see if I can finish adding putty to a Sorcerer I started on sometime during november, in between painting Bretonnians, but never completed.

While you wait for the next hobby-update, here's some pictures I took at my parents' home in Norway - the weather was absolutely lovely!
My parents had forgotten to take in the garden furniture... serves quite well as an indicator of snow-depth...
And here's a morning picture of the town, seen from the house. Fog hides the river, and I just love the light of the sky. Our house is still in the shade, hidden from the sun by the hilltop behind the house.
And here's a view from atop of that hill in the evening.
Mordor's just beyond the next ridge...

Aah, I miss Norway. Good thing I'm heading home again this weekend - hope to have a hobby-related post within a week though!


  1. Wow, thats some stunning views.

    The one thing I have promised the missus is that one day I will take her to Europe in the xmas for the snow. Better start saving those pennies.

    Hope your brother liked his Pegasi and that your exam went well.

    Cheers mate,


  2. Looking forward to some progress