Thursday, 28 January 2010

Sorcerer of Chaos - WIP

Just a few pictures of my WIP Sorcerer.
His torso's from an Ungor, while the right arm's a Marauder Horseman banner-arm, with a Daemonette-claw to crown the staff. I'm torn between having his left hand point, or to be open with palm pointing forward, as if he's channeling some spell out of his hand. And as I don't have any suitable heads in my bits-box, and I don't think I want to put a helmet on his head, I think I'll end up sculpting his head in the end.. As I envision him in my mind, he'll get shoulder-long hair, maybe a braid or some charms in it, but the left half of his scalp will be shaved to the skin - might give him a tattoo there when I get to painting.

He's not glued to the base yet, and I'm not sure if it's good enough, or if I should build it up a bit more, him being a character and all..?

Tell me what you think, and help me decide what to do with his left arm!


  1. That looks absolutely awesome so far Noeste! You've captured a great looking pose and so far he looks every part the Slaaneshi sorcerer. You really need to start doing commission work! I'd certainly pay you to build me an army! :D

  2. Oh and I like the base as it is. I wouldn't build it up anymore or you'll run the risk of it taking the attention from what I'm sure will be a great mini standing on it :)

  3. Nice. I disagree with Elazar on the base, I would build up the front to the base and impart a bit of forward lean to the mini to suggest a slight climb pose if that makes any sense, and then it would look like he was leaning into a blast emerging from his hand.

    As for heads, didn't one of the marauder horsemen or the new spacewolves come with a half shaved head with a braid on the other side.