Thursday, 25 February 2010


As the work on my Sorcerer neared the end, I began thinking of what to do next. I came to a point with my Sorcerer, where I had to wait some hours for certain parts of putty to cure a bit, before I could move on. I suddenly had a timepocket to fill, and while I could have started painting my Dragon Ogres, I thought that the space of time would be better suited continueing sculpting - after all, both putty and tools were already in my hands, so no need to dig out paint and brushes.

But what to do? I do have quite a few regiments waiting in their sprues, and while looking through the boxes, I came over my Chaos Warriors, and it hit me how static they look, all lined up, weapons and shields at same angle and looking quite boring (at least the third time one assembles a regiment of them...), despite the rather great sculpts. Lots of good detail, no doubt about that, just lack "motion".
Then my mind wandered to an image from the armybook, of a charging warrior, and I thought to myself, that's what I want to make! So I cut off a leg, half the cloak and one shoulder, then found an arm and some greenstuff, and started putting it together. A few hours later, and this is what I got:
It's by no means finished, I'm currently working on making the cloak sort of flutter behind him, and I need to find him a helmet. And even if the shield's finished, the arm might need some extra sculpting as I've cut away a large portion of the cloak which'd normally hide the upper arm... His left foot is there somewhere, but it's bet so high you can't see it from this angle.
Owh and here's the picture from the armybook, just for reference:Mine will get a classic Chaos Warrior shield, though, as I think they simply look gorgeous - and besides: carrying half-torn bodies stuck to the shield ain't only unpractical, but slightly un-Slaaneshi, don't you think?
I don't know how you think, but personally I felt so happy with the result, that I decided to make the rest of the regiment in a similar matter, i.e. less static, and all with unique poses, but so far I've only gotten the second one to about the same stage as the one on the picture above, although with quite a different pose. Unfortunately I didn't take no pictures of him yet, and I'll try not to make you wait long.

Anyways, hope you like the idea and how the first one's turned out so far.
Last in this post, I thought I'd include a picture I took this morning, which managed to capture some of the details better.


  1. NOw that is going to look cool

  2. That is a great looking sculpt dude. Even though it's only partly done, I can see it looks rather dynamic. Great work.

  3. one word: DYNAMIC!!
    awesome how much "motion" you've put on that warrior. I guessed wich pic you used before seeing it!

    Very very cool! ;D

    PS: How did you sculpted the fur? It looks great! (and I'm not happy with my last attempt sculpting that kind of fur)

  4. Never got around to commenting on the Sorcerer before so I'll start with him. He looks awesome, a really great mini for your first attempt at sculpting on such a scale. Really in awe of your abilities there and this warrior you're working on is brilliant. I love that piece of artwork (it's appeared in the last few editions of the book now hasn't it?) and it's great to see you doing something so inspired with the wonderful, but as you say, static and monoposed warrior sculpts. Looking forward to seeing more of your warriors! :D

  5. Wow, what a sweet pose. I feel you on the static nature of some of the models - 4 regiments all stood around looking the same is a bit lame. I have seen some nice conversions done to spice them up a bit but this one is pure awesome. Well done mate.

    Is it going to be for a regiment or a one off - I don't know how you would manage to put him in a rank without him being on the outside facing?

  6. Thanks for the comments! Very glad to see that you seem to like him as much as I do.

    - Nesbet: I'll try to take some pictures and write about how I sculpt the fur, and post it along with the rest of my sculpting tips. Yes, I will write it, and sorry that it's taken so much time, but lately I've just had this rush of inspiration, and felt that I've had to use it while it's here. The sculpting-post will come though, fear ye not!

    - Elazar: Yes, you're right, I just looked through my Hordes of Chaos, and the picture is indeed there - along with some other great pictures which you might get to see brought to life in the unit I'm currently making..

    - Rogue Pom: It is indeed going to be part of a regiment, and I doubt it'll be easy to fit them all together, if they all end up like the first one. The solution to this is to give them all a bit extra room - the regiment will occupy 6x3 bases, but will only include 13 or 14 models. Or that's my plan... Only just started on the third Warrior, so still a long way to go yet.

    Once again, thank you all for the comments and support. Means a lot motivation-wise!

  7. This is a great idea. I think I will have to do something similar for a regiment of Chosen. It seems quite simple but wonderful. It is nice to see how your sculpting skills have really improved.