Monday, 12 October 2009

Dragon Ogres - WIP

A few pictures of my WIP Dragon Ogre.
Finnished lengthening the arms with some green stuff today so he's almost done. Only have to figure out what to do with his back, and then get him atop a proper base.

Greatly inspired by Elazar's Dragon Ogres, I've merged Cold Ones and Black Orcs to make the basis of the model, but as you can see I carved away most of the front of the Black Orc torso and sculpted a new one. The arms needed a bit of lengthening as mentioned, so they were pinned onto the torso with a 3-4 mm gap, which I then filled with greenstuff and sculpted to muscles. I'm fairly pleased with the result, it was easier than I initially feared, both the pinning and the green stuff work.
The head's from some Warhammer 40 000 Kroots - got three of them off a regular gamer at the local GW - and I think they makes for a nice reptilian feel. Glued on some horns to make it more draconic, and to create the illusion of them being bigger than they are.
Lastly I've given them a "chain mail" from the chains off the Marauder Horsemen sprue - on the next one, I'll glue these on before I do the arms...

Think that should list all I've done to create this monster, hope you like them!
I plan on fielding a unit of three, and I've got a second one which is a step or two behind this one when it comes to green stuff (arms are just pinned on, plus a few other things lacking).
Any suggestions to how I'm to paint them is welcome; armour will be black like all the rest, but I'm not sure how to do the skin and scales. A blueish grey maybe..?


  1. That guy is looking pretty good, but I feel that the head is a bit too small for the rest of the body.

    If these are to match your chaos army then I would try to stick more to their colour scheme - maybe add in a spot colour to make them stand apart a bit. A blue colour sounds good.

  2. I love what you've done with the torsos for them, looks really great. I think like Kuffeh might be right about the head though, it does look a little bit too small for the body, especially now you've lengthened the arms a little. A way you could maybe fix it and it sounds complicated but you've easily got enough sculpting talent to pull it off would be to add some armour to the jaw. You know how the Orcs seem to have that jawplate armour thing. Maybe you could make something like that for the bottom of the head to give it a bit more 'height' could make the world of difference to them.
    As for the painting scheme maybe you could do the scales white and blue, mostly white but have the odd individual scale in a icy blue sort of colour. Or maybe a bit like this but with the colours swapped around:
    Anyway, really impressed by what you've done so far, I think if you can add a little bulk to the head they'll look brilliant. With the torso work though I reckon you've blown my Dragon Ogres out of the water! :D

  3. They look great, green stuff scuplting looks really good very impressed with people who can do that sort of thing.

  4. Thanks for the comments and feedback!

    Yea, the head's too small, but I don't think I'll do anything with it, 'cos with the horns on it looks almost okey. I'm sceptical to adding green stuff to the head: think it is so nicely sculpted and I think I'd only ruin it in the end. I might make a few more horns, or try some other horn-variants - I mean a Chaos Warrior's head is rather small compared to the rest of its body, no? But the large horns makes it harder to spot.

    Thanks for the picture and idea to colour, Elazar, but I think that's a bit to much blue. I've not decided on anything, but right now I'm thinking along the lines of using Shadow Grey as a middle-colour, and highlighting and shading it for the scales, while the skin (stomach, arms etc) will be light grey to white. Will have to do some testing I guess. Other suggestions are of course welcome!

  5. Actually looking at it you know I think your horns will solve the problem and you're right it works on the Warriors. Have you tried them angled up a bit more? Wonder if it would make any difference.

  6. What a great conversion! Excellent job.

  7. I was thinking of giving them two pairs of horns each: one like the one showing, and one pair of almost straight ones running parallell to the spikes of the back of the head/neck. Havn't had the time to do any testing, but I think it'd make the head more bulky and fit the body. Will just have to wait and see..

    And thanks for dropping by Shrink to Fit, glad you like my Dragon Ogre!

  8. These look great, I can't wait to see them finished!