Monday, 2 November 2009

Dragon Ogres - WIP (2)

First of all, sorry for the lack of updates and progress with my various projects. Short story is I've been busy: visitors, trip to Norway, concerts, schoolwork and work. As I've barely touched a brush, I'll have to "joker" this month of the Tale of Fantasy Painters, which means I use one out of two "free months", as in I don't paint anything. I'm slightly worried that I will have to pull out of the Tale, as I doubt I'll have less to do at the university in the coming months, and then there's my brother's christmas gift which will demand quite the bit of time. If I can get him to promise me he won't drop by this blog of mine to look, I'll make WIP shots as I go, but if not I'm afraid a lot of my painting results will go unpulished 'til after christmas... I'll do my best to convince him, 'cos feedback would be lovely!
Either way, I think I'll have to put my Space Hulk models on hold for the moment, and rather return to them as soon as the new year's in. Brother Claudio did place among the top 11 in Jawaballs' Painting Contest, which I am fairly happy with (picture number three from the top). Feel like I'm at the right track with my Terminators, was up against a lot of great minis!

Anyways, although I havn't gotten much done, I've at least finished the green stuff work on my first Dragon Ogre - the back is all done, added some more armour plates on his back, and I think I've solved the issue with his head being slightly too small, by adding that extra set of horns; you'll be the judges of that! Hope you like him - I certainly do, and I look forward to giving him some paint to wear!
Also found some nice trees near a hospital I frequently work at, which I could scavenge for barch-bits for my bases. I have yet to try adding dead or burned grass to them, but got a tip from one of the regular gamers down at the local GW, who said my bases and models would pop a lot more, if I painted the rims black instead of grey. I'll do some testing when I find the time!


  1. Well done on the Jawaballs painting results. Frankly the competition was seriously stiff from the pictures posted and you should be really chuffed with the quality of the work you produced.

    Your Dragon Ogre looks great - really menacing. I will be trawling back through your posts to find a complete list of bits used so I can nick this idea. Awesome stuff.

    The black rim on a base really does change how you view it. I used to use brown on all my edgnig but then it was suggested I use black and it just looks so much better - it gives the mini a definitive edge which helps display/painting comp pieces stand out. I highly recommend it.

  2. Firstly congrats again on the painting contest :)
    That Dragon Ogre looks awesome. The second set of horns has really fixed the problem with the head and he looks seriously mean!
    The bark bits on the base look cool as well. Have you decided on a colour scheme for the Dragon Ogre?
    I get that the black edges are meant to look better, I tried them on my minis and wasn't keen on the look myself but maybe that's just me. My bases are far, far, far from great for my minis so I'm not the best source of knowledge on that front! :) I do think it could look good with yours though, would continue the colour contrast you already have in your minis... :)
    Hope you don't have to drop out of the Tale but other things have to take a priority and I'm sure you'll continue to produce great minis and a great chaos army either way! :D

  3. Thanks for your comments guys!

    Rogue Pom: Took a trip through your posts, and noticed that you do paint the bases black - looking very good aswell. I will give it a try!
    If you're interested, I'll make a detailed post of parts used, and try to make pictures as I assemble the next Dragon Ogre.

    Elazar: No, afraid I havn't settled on a colour scheme just yet; think I'll have to do some trial and error to find what I want, heh.
    I hope I won't have to drop out, but if I do, it's not like I'll drop out of the hobby! Just turned out to be harder than I thought to paint a set amount of models every month - with the Space Hulk models and soon the present to my brother wanting some paint aswell... Hard to stay focused on my WoC army alone!

    And yea, Nutella's not only good, but the jar has turned out to be perfect for my ever thirsty brushes! An experienced Nutella-consumer will(or should!) have noticed that the lid is not an original Nutella lid, and yes that's true - it belongs to a can of Peanut butter, but it served well as a platform for my Dragon Ogre, as I took the picture..

  4. I assumed the different lid was just a localisation thing hehe! :)

  5. These look great! Well done on the win too. Black Edged bases all the way for me at least.

  6. Thanks, glad you like them redmanphill! I'll definitely give the black rims a try.