Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Wet palette, new brushes and progress!

I've finished assembling the christmas gift for my brother this year - those of you who have taken the time to read through my blog from start and up 'til now, might recall it starting out as a blog where I charted my progress painting up an Ancient Stegadon for my brother's birthday. It was well recieved, so I've decided to paint up some more miniatures for him for thsi year's christmas - although this will be models for his other army, namely Bretonnian Pegasus Knights.

I've always loved the models, and am thrilled to be painting them - I've been looking up pictures of hawks and other birds of prey for inspiration, and gave the first one some layers of base coat yesterday evening, down at the local GW (painting- & gaming nights every tuesday and friday). To keep up the progress today, I've not only bought myself some new brushes: size 0 and 1 of kolinsky sable; on top of that, I've decided to try out the wet palette, and see how it works. So far, it's been great! I made my own, following Jarhead's great tutorial over at MASSIVE VOODOO, and it looks something like this:
Quite simple, just a tupperware box with about 5 mm thick layer of wet paper tissues, covered by baking paper - won't go more into detail, head over to the tutorial linked above for that! I think I have made the slight mistake of not having a large enough piece of baking paper - at any rate I placed some of the paint too close to the edge, and some leaked into the tissues. Other than losing a little bit of paint, I can't say I've noticed any bad effects yet, but I'll probably change the tissues when I start on some completely different colours. For now, the colours I have in the palette are all going on the skin and feathers of the Pegasus, so no big worries there.

I'm really happy with how the palette works: my paint don't dry up at all, and by adding several colours to the palette at the same time, mixing and blending is so much easier! I highly recommend using one, it is no hocus pocus, but will (probably) help your painting, blending and finished products.

If you do give it a try, best of luck with it!


  1. I keep hearing about wet palettes and how useful they are but have never tried one out myself. Might have to give it a go then. Looking forward to seeing how the Pegasus Knights come along, they're great minis and I'm sure with your abilities you'll create a really great gift for your brother!

  2. I'd say steal off with a tupperware box from your better half's kitchen *grins*
    At least I like the feel of the wet palette very much - you'll even save plenty of paint, as you won't lose it to drying up.

    Thanks for the confidence - I'll hopefully have some WIP pictures coming up sometime during the weekend, today's mostly been spent looking at bird pictures and experimenting with how to paint the wings - I can't say I'm completely happy with the results I've achieved so far, though... We'll just have to see what happens!

  3. Excellent, this is exactly what I was thinking of doing this myself!