Thursday, 19 November 2009

Pegasus finished

I finished painting the first of the Pegasi yesterday morning, but the weather's been against me so it's been hard to get any decent pictures until now - light's still not optimal though. Hope you like it!
I think I'll brave the rather moist air, and undercoat the other two Pegasi and all the riders. I'm not sure if I should use the same colours for the other two, as I did on this Pegasus - will it be boring with three of the same kind, and should I rather experiment with other colours on the feathered wings and horseskin? I choose the light tan/redish brown mix with the white, 'cos I think that brown and purple works very good together, but the other two will have green and orange caparisions - respectively of course!
One of the three has to be upgraded to a Gallant (Champion), according to the rules, so I was thinking maybe different colours on the Pagasus would help mark him as different? It's either that, or edit his caparison with some green stuff.

Any thoughts?


  1. Looks really great Noeste! I love how rich the purple looks! I think you should try different colours on the Pegasi. Bretonnians pull off the mult-colour look really well and no reason why the horses should all be identicle. Especially for the Gallant. No reason why you couldn't edit his caparison with your good greenstuff skills as well though! :D

  2. Wow, that looks awesome dude. The yellow boarder makes all the difference, looks great!

  3. That cloth looks really nice! Well done.

  4. Thanks for the feedback!
    I'm thinking maybe a grey->black for the Knight with orange heraldry, and various shades of brown for the green one..?