Monday, 30 November 2009

Show Some Balls!

Just thought I'd spread the word about a painting competition over at MASSIVE VOODOO, under the catchy name: Show Some Balls

In short, it's about painting a self-sculpted ball, no size restrictions and no other theme, than it being round, without other details sculpted into it. The deadline's the 10th of march 2010, and for every entry (max 2 per person though!), the guys behind the site will donate $1 to an ape-preserving project in South Africa. On top of that, there's some prizes announced - but this is more about the joy of our hobby and supporting a good cause. Check the links above for more details about the monkeys and the competition.

I'm going to sign up for this, and I already have a plan or two maturing in my head, and I do hope some of you reading this might join in on the fun! Best of luck to those who care to do so!

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