Thursday, 13 May 2010

Brother Deino (bigger pictures)

Turns out the first images I posted of brother Deino were too small, so here is some larger ones.

(click image for even better view)

At the moment, the general opinion seems to be that I should only add battledamage to those models it's sculpted onto. Guess I'll follow that recipe, and then when they're all done, some with battledamage, some without, I'll make up my mind as to whether it looks good or incoherent with such differences in between the models.

The next model is advancing slowly but steadily, I havn't been able to do much painting yesterday nor today, but maybe later tonight.. I'll do my best not to keep you waiting!


  1. He has come up fantastic. The OSL on that fist is brilliant - it looks like he is cupping lightning - wicked job mate.

  2. Much better pics we can see all the hard work you've put into the mini a lot easier now. He looks plain awesome mate, well done! The OSL is really good and totally agree with Rogue Pom's comment above, looks cool! :)

  3. Yep, looks pretty good. I like the red and the osl. I see you that you put your heart into the paintjob, because there is a lot of work already done at all details. Unfortunatly I`m not a specialist for all those GW stuff. Iself paint my very first Space Marine Terminator at the moment,lol. Yep it`s true :-) So I`m not the best one to give feedback here but I also think battle damages are a good idea. So I would recommend to stop working it out more and start now with battle damages, weathering and so on. If you paint him to clean now it will be all in vain if you wanna paint weathering too.
    Regards Yvonne

  4. Thanks for the comments!
    Really glad the OSL seems to be working as intended.
    The NMM is a bit rough some places, I think, but I feel it's smoother on the next mini, so hopefully I'm headed in the right direction there as well...

    And don't worry about being new to Space Marines, Yvonne, you're not alone there, as Brother Deino is my third Warhammer 40 000 model ;> Looking forward to seeing yours!

  5. I have to admit that I never liked the Space Marines much, lol. Until I started to paint one. It was quite surprising for me how joyful they are to paint, really. It is great fun because the sculpt is comfortable to paint. Not as hard as such tiny,tiny models I normally paint, lol. So I could imagine to get used to it :-) Good to hear that you are also a beginner in painting Space Marines. Makes me feel better :-) I will try to keep an eye on yours. Cheers Yvonne