Saturday, 22 May 2010

Sergeant Lorenzo

At long last, Sergeant Lorenzo is finished!
One of my favourite sculpts among the Space Hulk miniatures, with his characterful pose and facial expression, and the lovely detailed and unique armour. In the end, I'm very happy with how he's turned out, and I hope you like him too:

(Click to enlarge picture)

Painting this guy has been quite the battle, and several times I caught myself wondering wether this miniature wanted to be painted or not. Certain areas I've had to repaint over and over, 'cos I simply couldn't get it right, and certain parts I've had to remove the paint with sandpaper, before starting all over again with the brush. For example, the swordblade alone took me at least 6 tries, and more than 3 hours to get how it is now. For some reason I couldn't get the red right at his armour when I first started painting him, and I've completely lost the count of how many layers of diluted paint I've glazed most of it...

But finally, he's finished, and I can focus my entire attention on my upcoming exams in the last weeks of June. Until they're over and done with, I won't have time for painting nor modelling, and my blog will be more or less in hibernation. Come July I should be back though, laying my brush onto more Blood Angels or maybe some Genestealers... Only time will tell which shall be my target!


  1. Another awesome job mate. You have mastered the OSL really well. I really like how crisp the cloak has come up.

    You need to think about giving us a group shot when you get to 5 done.

  2. I agree. Great stuff! I really like the OSL, I think you have gotten pretty good at that.

  3. Great work once more Noeste. Your painting still looks to be improving in leaps and bounds with each new finished mini which is especially impressive considering just how great your minis looked to begin with now they're moving into a whole new category of awesome.
    My only possibly niggle is that maybe the shading on the cloak isn't dark enough. It's just on the unenlarged pictures in particular the colour looks a little flat. Maybe a bit more contrast between the white and the recesses would make it look a little better but that might just be me!
    As the others have said the OSL is great and I really love the effect you've achieved on his power sword.

  4. Thanks for the feedback guys!

    I'll be sure to give you some group shots when I finish a few more.

    As for the cloak, it's really not that white, but my camera-settings seems to have killed the shading. Which is a bit of a shame, 'cos I was rather happy with it, but I'll see if I can play around with the settings and get some better pictures at some other time.

    Thanks for watching and commenting, I'll be back in 5 weeks or so, hopefully with more time and greater speed to my painting.

  5. Very good on this and the earlier Space marine miniatures. I particularly like the light effects. Keep up the good work.