Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Brother Deino

Well, as yesterday's sneakpeek might have given out, I'm currently working on some Space Marines, namely the Blood Angels off last years reissue of the Space Hulk game. And first of the gang to be completed this side of New Year, is Brother Deino - hope you like him!

(click on image for better view)

I don't think I've had these on the painting table since october or something, and now that I've picked them up again, I've made some changes in the way I paint them - hopefully for the better. Mainly, the mix of red I use now, is not as dark as earlier, and I've tried to define the edges more with some extra highlighting - much lighter than before. Also I've worked on my technique when it comes to my NMMs and the OSL from the Powerfist. On top of that I've made minor changes to the painting scheme: parts of the Stormbolters will be red, many teardrops/blooddrops will be done gold (those that look like gems will still be green emeralds, but many of the blooddrops don't have a gemcasing sculpted, and as such looks wierd painted green, in my eyes) and finally the thin wires will be done green. And for the cloth, I've settled for white - strictly speaking, this is not a change, as Brother Deino was the first of the Marines I've painted with any cloth on him, but I think I initially had planned to do it some other colour...

I'm still undecided as to how much battledamage I'll paint onto each model - the sculpts themselves varies a lot on that subject: some, like Brother Claudio and Sergeant Lorenzo, got large gaps and holes in their armour, while others, Brother Deino amongst them, look like they're coming directly from maintenance... Any thoughts on the matter? Should I dirty them up a bit, some scratches here and there; make it look like they've fought their way through a horde of Genestealers? Or should only the models with battledamage sculpted onto them, recieve such a treatment?

Either way, Brother Deino is not varnished yet, so if you have any suggestions or any critisism, don't be afraid to empty your mind!
And in case someone wonders, the thought I had when painting his Powerfist the way I did, was that he's just "turning it on", so to speak, and the powerfield giving the glow hasn't charged up yet, so the backside of the fist ain't enveloped in energy, just yet.
An alternative theory was given to me by a friend upon seeing the painted model, saying that "bitch-slapping" is the way to go, when fighting Genestealers...


  1. Looking good from what I can tell, bigger pics!! :)

  2. He's looking good dude. I really like the OSL on the fist, really nice work there.

  3. Looks great Noeste but agree with Dezartfox, bigger pics!! :) The OSL and NMM looks good. When I get to my Termies for Space Hulk I'm only going to do battle damage as it's sculpted I think. Purely because they're such showpiece minis it somehow feels wrong for me to make them look scruffy, especially with the Blood Angels being quite artsy I'd imagine that they'd keep their wargear immaculate until it gets into battle and I like the idea that most of these have just boarded the hulk ready to do battle and so have only met 'light' resistance so far as the 'stealers get ready to ambush them.

  4. Really good OSL on the powerfist. I prefer it that way instead of having thw hole fist glowing. It's more dynamic and the contrast between the iluminated area and the rest of the fist adds to the overal effect.

    Also I will agree with the general demand for bigger pics. Don't hide all the work that went into this model by making the pics so tiny.

    As for battle damage I'd say just follow the sculpts. My idea (and I believe this could also have been the sculptors'idea) is that they've boarded the hulk and while some encountered ressistance, other have yet to made contact with the enemy. Such an approach will also breack up the uniformity of the models and highlight the fact that this is a boarding party and not a more uniform squad fighting a more "normal" battle.

    Keep up the good work!

  5. Thanks for the feedback! Really glad you like him - and sorry that you thought the pictures too small, I wanted to try having the pictures close to actual size of the miniature.

    I'll upload some bigger pictures now!