Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Ancient Stegadon (2)

Rigth, so I took a trip down to the local Games Workshop store, to paint a bit, and hopefully get a tip or two, on which colours to use for painting gold using non-metallic paint. Sadly, though, the staff at my store seems to be content with basecoating their models in light colours, and then simply wash them repeatedly with the new Citadel Washes; one of them even suggested that next time I was painting a Stegadon, I should rather try to base it Bleached Bone, and just wash wash wash!

Apparantly, the staff members at GW seem to focus only on rasing their armies as quick as possible, to a more or less decent table top standard, while the modelling part of the hobby sort of is collecting dust somewhere... I guess if everyone were to use long time on their models, GW would sell less, mayhaps? Wash wash, sell sell...

Angry ranting aside, uhm, I've finnished painting the base for the Stegadon, and I've almost finnished painting all its skin. I don't have any white-light/sunlight lamps, though, so pictures will have to wait 'til tomorrow morning, when the sun's up n' all. I've tried to take some pictures, but they all got this yellow hue, twisting everything in a way Tzeentch would aprove of!

As part of the base, is a human skull with a Conquistadore-inspired helmet on top, which I've given my best effort to paint as steel, and while I'm not perfectly happy with it, it's been good practice! (Un)fortunately, the skull is mostly hidden under the Stegadon's shadow, so it's not like it'll recieve many critical glances... Will have to wait and see though, if I get a hang on this whole NMM business, I might just return to it, and hopefully improve it.

A big thanks to Elazar, who's provided me with links to some wonderful guides, regarding the whole NMM issue. There's especially one which I've found very good, so I'll relink it here, for anyone who ain't too keen on searching through yesterday's post's comment; enjoy!

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  1. Yay! I'm famous on your blog! Lol!

    Glad the links were helpful. I have the same problem when taking photos. Have to wait until the sun is out. Which looks like it might be a couple of days off judging by the weather!
    Looking forward to seeing your progress.