Saturday, 27 June 2009

(No more NMM...) Ancient Stegadon (4)

Whew, been some time, huh...

Uhm, after much trial and error, reading tutorials, then trying and erring some more, I've decided, that my initial plan to do all the metal parts using non-metallic paint, won't be possible. At least if I'm to finnish the gift on time; I've got to have it done on sunday at the latest, and I've still not managed to get the colours blended like I want them, for the golds.

It's been an educating process though, and I feel I'm pretty close to sorta figuring the whole thing out, I just don't have the time for it, on this model - being a gift and all. So for now, the process of learning NMM will have to be put on a shelf, and the brush will sadly head for the cans of golden paint. I'm pretty confident that I'll give NMM-painting another go as soon as I'm done, and have had a short break from painting; and I'm still very happy with the results I got on painting that steel helmet on the base, so it's not like I haven't learned nothing!

So, tomorrow's a hectic day of painting all the golds!
Hopefully, I havn't destroyed any details, with all the failed attempts with yellows and browns.. Only tomorrow holds the answer to that!


  1. Shame you're haven't got the time to do the NMM but with the time constraints you have you would be hard pushed as there must be a lot of gold on the Howdah to paint!
    Good luck with getting it done in time, I'm sure it'll look great.
    Hope to see you trying the NMM on something else soon! :D

  2. Hey Noeste, did you manage to get your Stegadon done on time?