Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Ancient Stegadon (3)

As promised, pictures of yesterday's work.

First of all, some pictures of the base for the Stegadon. It's a slightly converted version of the jungle base from Micro Art Studio, which I linked in a previous post; I've added some roots and extra leves with greenstuff, and removed the small lizard (was unfortunately placed right where the left hindleg of the Stegadon had to go...).

The human head in stone could probaly have been greenstuffed over, but I didn't bother with it, as the right foreleg of the Stegadon steps right over it, and hides it from view.

Any comments or criticism on the NMM job I did on the helmet between the roots? Or maybe the pictures are too small..?
Also, I was wondering wether or not the base actually gets too dark, with the relativly light coloured Stegadon on top. I've tried to tie the two pieces together, by giving the small flowers shades of pink and purple, beneath the white petals, but I'm not sure it's enough... Maybe I should try to give a couple of the plants some red edging?
Something like this...?
Even though, that's oposite of what I initially thought, but might work aswell? Any thoughts?

I'm pretty pleased with the shades of green the different leaves have gotten; don't know if the lighting was optimal on the photos, and the base therefore looks so dark; it's not that dark in the flesh... Any suggestions, or is it fine as it is?

Owh, and as to the pink horns; I've not finnished them yet, it's simply the forth out of six or seven layers. I start by painting them Scab Red, then mixes some Bronzed Flesh into it for a second layer, then even more, then I start using Bleached Bone with the red, and finally I end it with only Bleached Bone, with some Skull White added for the final highlight at the very tip.

Will have to see how much more I get to paint today, as I'm leaving tomorrow morning for Norway; spending the rest of june and july with family and friends.
Out of experience, I doubt I'll get much painting done the first couple of days, as they're usually a bit hectic, meeting everyone and stuff, but I have to finnish the model sometime next week, and I'll post updates as I go. So stay tuned!


  1. Looks to be coming along nicely Noeste. I really like that base. I don't think there's any problem with the base being over dark, it contrasts the Stegadon mounted on it nicely and doesn't steal all the attention away from him but does compliment the model well.
    As for the conquistador style helmet and the NMM effect it's not the easiest to tell from the photos but it does look like you've done a good job. The shading seems right and you have enough contrast between the dark and light in it to my eye.
    Good luck getting him finished for next week!

  2. Thanks Elazar *smiles*
    I'll keep the base as it is, for now, and see what I feel about it when the rest of the model is completely finnished.

    As to the pictures being small; I've uploaded them so that if you click on them, they'll grow bigger. I'm unfortunately unable to zoom in any closer, than I've done on those, I think.

    And once again, that guide from, is just so nice, so thank you for giving me that link! I havn't gotten around to testing its suggested way of painting gold, but I've bought the paint for it, and hopefully I'll get the hang of it *smiles*

    Hope you're progressing nicely with your own armies, looking forward to the next update!