Saturday, 1 August 2009

Ancient Stegadon (5)

'Tis been some time, but now I'm back!
The Stegadon is all finnished now, and has been given to my happy brother - although late!
Despite all my efforts, I was unable to finnish it on time, and as a result I got really demotivated and zapped of energy to finnish what was left:
- 2 Skinks (basecoats done)
- Skink Priest
- Most of the largest howda-piece

When I finally got hold of myself, and picked up the pencil again, I got only minor stuff done, then other plans sorta came rushing on, and I found myself off in another part of Norway, visiting my mother's branch of the family, and then when I got back to my parents house, Stegadon waiting impatiently, mmy head was filled with other things I wanted to do, and so I spent the next couple of weeks running a DnD campaign, playing volleyball, computer games and seeing friends - usual summer stuff, I guess...

I did manage to get something done, though, forced myself up (relativly) early, and worked on it while I waited for my brother and/or friends to wake up, so we could hang out.
So eventually I finnished it (four days ago), and now that I have returned to Denmark, I have decided to return from my self-imposed exile, upload pictures of the finnished Stegadon, and move on!

The pictures' ain't the best, the day I took them was all rainy and grey, and so I tried to use some lamps and stuff, so most of the pictures are rather dark, and those with decent lighting are totally out of focus, due to my crappy skills at photographing...
Observant people, might notice that there's only one banner pole on the howda, and yes that's correct. Sadly the other one broke off during the trip to Norway, and despite repeated tries to glue it back on, it simply wouldn't sit.
Nevertheless, and to my great relief, my brother seemed really happy with it, although I've gotten my share of him telling me I'm a slacker, and that the gift's late etc.
I really can't see why, his birthday being the 17th of april... Owh right, nevermind.

I know I'm happy with it at least, although having to quit my NMM-plans, and on top of it not finnish it on time, sorta stings. On the other hand, I think the model turned out beautiful in the end, and so far it's the biggest and meanest model I've completed, and I feel I've learnt a lot when it comes to painting skin and blending colours.

Now, onto other projects!


  1. Glad to see you back again! You've done a great job on the Stegadon. That's a paint job to be proud of. Shame you were late finishing it but I think we all suffer with that demotivation thing from time to time. I nearly bought one of these myself for my birthday but decided to focus on my army for now (although the thought of a mutated Stegadon warshrine is still going through my head as an excuse to buy it!).
    So what do you have planned next?

  2. Thanks Elazar!
    Hehe, no doubt that the sculpt is wonderful, so I understand your urge to get one, but as to converting a warshrine out of one... I don't think I'd do it myself, at least, excuse or no, simply 'cos the model by itself is so beautiful and fits so perfectly with the whole Lizardmen-idea, in my eyes.

    There is however a spare Stegadon head in the box, so as part of a warshrine, that could fit as some sacrificial gift to the gods, eventually on a Beastmen herdstone instead.

    I have seen many people attracted to it, though, as a base for some convertion or another, but as the Stegadon is such a huge model, it takes a lot of work to pull off a decent convertion of it.

    But, then again, your previous convertions have been grand, so you'd probably pull it off if you set your mind to it *smiles*