Sunday, 2 August 2009

What's next?

So, the Stegadon is all done; what's next?

I do believe that I - in my first post - mentioned my plans for a warband of Slaanesh worshipping warriors, and creating that still stands as my main goal, when it comes to Warhammer armies, at the moment.

To that end, I've been shopping:
1x Warriors of Chaos regiment
1x Chaos Knights regiment
2x Chaos Marauder Horsemen regiments
1x Chaos Warhounds
1x Chaos Lord on Daemonic Mount
1x Lord of Slaanesh
1x Hellcannon of Chaos (white mystery box on picture...)
1x Black Orcs regiment
1x Dark Elf Cold One Knights regiment

Inspired as I was by Elazar's wonderful Dragon Ogres (bottom of the page), I'm going to make mine in a similar fashion, thus the Black Orcs and Cold One Knights. I havn't peeked much inside the boxes, as of yet, but hopefully they should both yield other bits and pieces that in one way or another should fit in with the Slaaneshi theme. I am slightly worried that I shan't be able to use the Black Orcs for much, though, maybe their weapons can be fashioned into Halberds or something? In either case, it's great models by themself, and if nothing else, they'll serve as just "something different to paint", sometime!

Not included in the list above is a second regiment of Chaos Knights, as they're not going to be part of my Slaaneshi warband; I bought, assembled and started painting them on a whim earlier this spring, but as they're not really converted anything, and not really that special, I'll wait 'til I've finnished the last two of them, before I take some photoes of them.
The two unfinnished ones might be spotable in the small box on the far right of the picture above, where they currently reside along with the first part of my Slaanesh-project, namely my Marauders!

My Marauders of Slaanesh are converted out of this edition's plastic Daemonettes, using plenty of spare bits from Warriors of Chaos and Dark Elves, among others and lots of green stuff!
I'm getting more and more pleased with them as the days go and the progress advances, but they're still very much a work in progress, so no more info about them just now.
I do hope to have the first ten assembled and ready for paint in a couple of days, though, so that should be my next post!


  1. That's quite the WoC treasure trove!
    There's a lot of bits spare from the Black Orcs when making the Dragon Ogres and most of them are just sitting in my bits box without a use but there's a banner with a beastman head hanging from it that isn't particularly orcy if I remember rightly and the musician's drum stick is quite good so I might use those bits myself. My son wants to start an Orcs & Goblins army so he'll find more use for them than me!
    Have you checked your Hellcannon. It's a wonderful model but it's a pain to put together (well the pair I have were anyway!) and I had pieces missing or badly warped in both boxes so it might be worth having a good check through if you haven't already. GW are really good and will quickly get it sorted if you do have any problems with it.
    Looking forward to seeing your take on Slaaneshi Warriors. Good luck! :D

  2. Thanks for the comment, Elazar.
    I'll see what I can get out of the Black Orcs; the banner do look rather decent, though...

    As for the Hellcannon, I already know the troubles with them, as I got one during the Storm of Chaos campaign. Still, I really like the model, although I've not yet decided on how I shall put Slaanesh's mark on this one.. Time will tell, or so the saying goes.
    There ain't no parts missing that I've spottet, but I've only given it a quick glance or two, and not tried any dryfitting of it, to see how badly bent it is.