Thursday, 6 August 2009

Marauders of Slaanesh - Assembled

After many many hours, my heavily converted regiment of Marauders is finally assembled. Hopefully, the painting should take less time.

My fingers are itching to get them painted; I've planned a sort of black and white colour-theme for my warband, although I'm tempted to mix in some blue here and there. Yes, that means I'm steering clear of the pink/purple Slaanesh look - I'm thinking something along the lines of how the old (6th ed) metal Daemonettes were painted by the 'Eavy Metal team (not my picture).

So, for these models, I've planned to paint the cloth white, armour will be black/dark blue iron, hair will be black and weapons normal steel. I have, however, not decided how I'm to paint their skin, I'm leaning towards a whitened Elf Flesh, but I got little experience with painting flesh, and I'm unsure whether this will conflict with the white cloth.

An alternative, would be to paint cloth black, armour and weapons as steel, and the skin very light, but I'm leaning towards the first scheme at the moment.

I'll undercoat them tomorrow morning, and after work I'll head down to the local GW store, as fridays are free for all painting nights, so I'll be able to test out all the paints in the GW range, for free. I'll test the first scheme out to begin with, and we'll simply have to see how it fits.


  1. These look awesome, a really characterful regiment of marauders. Your GSing is great on these.
    I loved the old colour scheme they used on the old Daemonette models and it's a good source of inspiration for these although I think you'd be better using the white for the cloth and a more normal flesh colour on them.

    Kind of like the top left Daemonette here:

    Quite excited to see what you do with these painting wise. Keep up the great work!

  2. Thanks for the feedback, Elazar!
    Well, I've done one test model, as shown in the next post; went with a lightened Elf Flesh for skin, white cloth and black shields and hair, choices I'm all happy with. I am, however, not happy with the armour, and I'm thinking maybe it'd look better with armour like the either the top right Daemonette, or the lower left. Lower left, would undoubtedly go better hand in hand with the shield, but I'd also like to mix in some blue, eventually blue-grey, in there somewhere.

    Maybe I should make a test model for both Warriors, Horsemen, Warhounds and Knights, just to get the complete palette for the army, to better help me deciding what to do with the Marauder armour?