Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Marauders of Slaanesh - Finished

The first 10 are done!
In the end, I went for white leather armour, black plate for the gauntlets, greaves and shields, aswell as black cloth for their skirts.
I finnished the bases late yesternight, and must say I'm very happy with them. A good thing with Denmark, is its high quantity of flint stones, so I merely took a trip with my bike, found some sand with small flint pebbles, and there you go; small rocks with sharp edges, jutting up from the lifeless barren earth.
I wanted to capture the barren and lifeless aspect of the Chaos Wastes - a land torn asunder by magic and warfare. So I googled for pictures of stone deserts and barren wastelands, and with some help from friends, picked a theme to go for.
Base painting recipe:
Chaos Black base coat
Shadow Grey all over, except for deepest cracks/fissures
Codex Grey drybrushed on pebbles
Gryphone Sephia washed all over
Bleached Bone / Astronomican Grey mix drybrushed over it all

(just so I don't forget how to paint the bases for the rest of my army) *winks*

Anyways, hope you like them as much as I do! *beams with pride*
I'll be working on converting my Warhounds this evening, hopefully getting an update with them uploaded soon.


  1. The girls look great Noeste! :) You're right to be proud of them, they're stunning conversions and the paint job does the minis justice! :D I really like the bases too. So, what's the plan with converting the Warhounds?

  2. Thanks Elazar!
    Well, it won't be very fancy, I just don't like the horns, nor the tails, and I'm gonna do some fixing on their skin..
    Got to say I was disapointed by the models, the rest of the new Chaos models being of such high quality.
    But more on that on the morrow, when I aim to be done with the greenstuff!

  3. Can't say I blame you on the horns as I did the same and shall be getting shot of the tails on the next batch to boot as I'm really not a massive fan of those. I think they're ok minis, nothing special, much like the hounds gamewise I guess. They're a doddle to paint quickly though so are brilliant for making up points where necessary on the Tale! :D Anyway, looking forward to seeing them. What colours do you have planned for them or do you not know yet?

  4. I've planned to have their skin white, but I'm not sure about their fur yet...
    My idea is that the cloaks on the Chaos Warriors very well could be made of Warhounds, so I'd like to try to find something which will fit both.

    One other thing I don't like, or what I mean about their quality being low, is that there's lots of mold lines, and also a slightly bad fit between the pieces - specially visible at the muzzle.

    But, there's nothing greenstuff can't fix.. or so the saying goes, I believe.

  5. Yes, that is the biggest problem with them, the gaps and lines, I had actually forgotten how bad they were but now you mention it. Green stuff can cover a multitude of sins though :)