Thursday, 13 August 2009

The Tale of Fantasy Painters 2009-2010

I have, as Elazar prompted me to do, signed up for the Tale of Fantasy Painters, which is run at the Warseer forums.

For those who're unfamiliar with it, it's sort of a community on those forums, and those who've joined it, have commited themself to paint 200 pts of models, each month, for a year. We're allowed 2 "jokers", which is free cards, for months where exams or whatever interfere with our painting schedule. Thus, with 2 jokers played, one should have an army of 2000 pts, painted and all done, by the end of the coming year.

Not only is the community a great motivating factor, when it comes to getting your models painted, with deadlines and all, but also, it serves as a great arena to give and get feedback - which not only might be motivating by itself, but also can enhance your own, and others abilities, skills and painting techniques.

It should be said, however, that those who are soft, and don't think they can make the 200 pts per month, can still join, and stick to only 100 pts per month, but are then entitled as "Boys" (eventually "Girls", I'm sure, for those of the strongest sex who've joined).
And well *coughs* it turns out I'm in the Boys' division.
In the past, I've mostly only painted during holidays, and never as much as 2000 pts in a year, not sure I've painted 1000 pts, even. Or, if we don't count characters, that is. So, this will mainly be an experiment, to see how long I can keep myself going, and really how much I'm able to paint in a month, with studies and work stealing my time.

The Tale aside, my Marauders are finally taking shape - or, they're getting some colours on them; shape I say they got when I was done assembling them...
I've scrapped the first test-mini's choice of paint, and after two other variations, I've settled on the third.
My convertions, were well recieved at Games Workshop here in Copenhagen, and I've promised to have them finnished for next tuesday's painting- and gaming-evening, and I think I'll make it! Got monday off from work, so I'll see if I can't find some beach or something, to get some sand for the bases...
I'll post pictures when the whole regiment is done!

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  1. Glad to hear you're in the Tale! :) Best of luck for the year ahead! (Nothing wrong with the Boy's league. There's a part of me that's thinking I may have bitten off more than I can chew in the men's league!)

    There's also a Chaos Support Group that Nagged started. It's very quiet at the minute. I don't think they've done a grea deal to let anybody know it exists but it can be found on Warseer here