Friday, 7 August 2009

Marauders of Slaanesh - Test painting

Right, as I wrote yesterday, my plan was to head down to the local GW for some test painting, and thus I did.

Nearly got two finnished in the roughly three and a half hours I stayed there, which I'd say ain't too bad, as I did quite the bit of testing in the beginning, as to what colours I should use. The remaining shouldn't take much time!
I'm still not sure if I'm happy with the armour, though...
I've been debating wether I should paint it all black, and just paint the edges Mithril Silver; it'll be easier to spot the details then. Eventually, I could paint it Mithril Silver or maybe Chainmail, again to bring out the details of the armour.
I've also been thinking of maybe giving the armour a wash of blue, as well I like blue, heh.
I particularily happy with the shield, should leave no doubt as to whom of the Great Four this regiment is sworn to.
The shield is kinda what pulls me in the direction of painting the armours black, with very thin mithril borders, instead of the Boltgun Metal 1 : 1 Chaos Black - mix I've used as a base colour for the armour.

Any comments, critisism and/or advise, would be most welcome!


  1. Did you paint the Slaaneshi symbol or is it a transfer? Either way it looks good and I think the way the shading seems to have fallen on the shield works really well as it looks like a dark metal catching the light and would look good across the armour as well.
    What are your plans for the bases?

  2. The symbol is painted, I plan on using the white Slaaneshi mark on black, as the army's "trademark". It's getting easier to paint, for each try *smiles*

    I'll give the black armour with white edges a try on a second test model, and then we'll see.

    I'm not sure of how I'll do the bases, but I don't think anything colourful would fit, the rest of the theme being as colourless as it is. I've been toying in my head with a grey stone waste, but I really don't have much experience in doing bases; The most fancy I've done (except for the Stegadon) must have been when I crumbled plates of shale, and simply used it instead of sand...

    I'll give it some thought, though, and mayhaps I'll figure something out.

  3. I reckon grey stone could look good with these. Either that or maybe you could add in a completely different tone maybe a sort of clay red/brown coloured sand or something.