Saturday, 26 September 2009

Brother Claudio - Finished

Finished painting Brother Claudio today, my first completed NMM ever! 10 Terminators and one Librarian to go - owh and then comes the Genestealers, but they got no metal to speak of on them, so should go fast. I think the rest of the Space Marines will go much faster than Brother Claudio aswell, after all I should be done with the trial and error-part of these models, which always takes a lot of time when a new colour scheme is to be used or a new kind of unit is getting a paint job.
But, pictures:As you can see, I went for the green gems - noone seemed to like the idea of blue ones and I must say the green looks very good with the red and gold after all. Turns out my initial scepticism was uncalled for.
I tried to paint the base as if it was part of the Space Hulk floor or something, but I think the details pretty much too dark to make out. Must admit I'm not too happy about how it turned out, and if I find a better way of painting metal plates and such on the other models, I might return to this Claudio and fix it up. We'll see.

But wait a moment! This is not a finished model! I've not painted any of the battledamage yet!
Well yes, that's true, or it's partly true. I took some pictures of Claudio before I did the battle damage, just to mark the difference. I thought it might be interesting to see. Especially since Claudio not only is my first NMM model, he's also the first one to recieve any weathering/battle damage, so double the milestone!
Hope you like it as much as I do, and if there's any critisism or feedback you'd like to offer, please do!


  1. The model has come up beautifully.

    On the battle damage front, my view would be, in order to tie it into the darker feel of the rest of the model, maybe try to dull the brightness of the final highlight - maybe hit it with a slight wash.

    Also, have you hit the gems with any form of shine - ie water effect/'ard coat - it may just make it pop that little bit more.

    These are just little niggardly things - the model is fine as it is - like you say, 11 more to go and I am looking forward to seeing them and your take on the Stealers.

  2. It looks brilliant and I agree with Rogue Pom that some gloss on the gems and maybe a wash to darken off the damage a little and this will be a truly wonderful mini.
    I really love the effect of the 'Stealer claws on the back as well. Brilliant stuff. You should be very, very, proud of this mini, it really is great and the NMM in particular looks beautiful :)
    Is it back to your Chaos army next then?

  3. Thank you both for your comments!

    I do not own any 'ard coat or similar, but I might hit the gems with it, with some paint borrowed at GW next time I'm down there.
    And myeah, might give the damage some wash or a glaze of brown.. *ponders* We'll see!

    As to what comes next, I do not know yet. I have started to add some blue base paint to the Librarian, but I'd really like to finish assemling those Dragon Ogres aswell, so I do not know what will come first. I need to order some 50x50 bases for them though, but guess I can fix the rest before I get those...
    Exam monday through tuesday, but after that I'll get some more time to get progress done.

  4. Good luck with your exam!
    But, Dragon Ogres are 40mm x 40mm bases like Ogres, Trolls etc. 50mm x 50mm is for lone monsters like Shaggoths, Daemon Princes, Greater Daemons etc.

  5. Uhm, right, thanks!
    Heh, think I mixed the Shaggoth and regular Dragon Ogres when I looked it up. Still, don't have any of those either, sadly, so I'll have to order either way. Again, thanks for the heads up though!

  6. DAMN YOU! That model looks really good. I just finished the clean and assemble phase of the Termies I'm doing. They're for a friend and I'm using metallics to match his current forces... but you really make me want to try NMM again. Great stuff.

  7. Thank you Dverning!
    Always nice if my work can inspire, and I do hope you'll give NMM a try - although maybe not for your friend's Terminators, if that won't fit his current army.
    Good luck with it either way, and I'll look forward to seing some Space Hulk Termies on your blog!

  8. Congratulations how you did with the Jawaballs Painting Competition with this guy! There were some very impressive entries and your guy really stood out amongst the ones shown so far. Well done! :) What bases are you going to get?