Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Space Hulk

After deliberating the matter for some time, quite a bit of persuasion from the local GW-staff, and some words of praise of this game by Elazar amongst others, I've decided to pre-order the third and very limited edition of Space Hulk.
For those who doesn't know, it's after what I've understood, a boardgame set in the Warhammer 40.000 universe, where a team of humans have made their way into a flaoting mass of starship wreckage, in search of ... something. The Space Hulk, as this piece of space debris is called, is however inhabitated by some aliens, and so the humans find themself under attack, fighting a desperate battle for survival against the bloodthirsty and hostile aliens, but also against the clock; sooner or later, the Space Hulk will be sucked off into "the Warp"...

My knowledge of the 40k universe is very limited, and it wouldn't surprise me if I've gotten it all wrong, but anyways, it's supposed to be a very intensive and funny game to play - and the models, despite not being Fantasy, are really looking great! So I'll have something fun to paint in the near future aswell (the game's released the 5th of September).
Speaking of painting, the local GW-store's having a painting competition for this occation, Single Miniature from the Space Hulk, another good reason for buying it. It's not like there's any prize or anything, except the honour, but I find it always adds a bit more motivation and also tends to force oneself to keep pushing one's own abilities as a painter, if the model's to be judged by someone else.
Owh, and lastly, something fun happened at GW after I preordered; I stayed a bit for a chat and the like, and I think it was only 15 minutes or so after I had had my name written down in their book, the store got a call: "The online preorders are sold out.."
I think the store got a couple of copies left, but for anyone in Copenhagen who missed the online preorders - head over to GW as soon as possible, they don't have many left.


  1. Good decision! :D Yeah I just saw about them being sold out online now. I'm a little concerned over my copy. My local indy guy let me down big time so I had to switch my order to GW yesterday when it was still in stock. My order is still down as processing but the invoice has next to space hulk - unavailable. Not sure if that's just a real time stock update or if I'm going to end up missing out on ordering it online. Waiting for them to let me know otherwise I'll have to get to me nearest store which is a little bit of a trek! Hehe :) Did you get to do that dice roll thing in store?

  2. No, the dice rolling is on the release day, saturday. I'll tell you all about whatever treasures I might turn up with *smiles*

    Sad about the trouble with your local indy; if it turns out you're not able to get Space Hulk anywhere, and if you tell me in time, I could try to get one from the store here in Copenhagen - although postage and such would add a bit to the price...

  3. Cool Noeste, thanks for the offer I'll keep that in mind if I get bad news my end! :)