Sunday, 6 September 2009

Space Hulk (2)

I recieved my Space Hulk box yesterday, and boy was it a heavy box! If I could do it all over again, I would've saved myself the 45 minute trip on foot, and taken the bus instead. What was I thinking? Something about saving money, and getting some fresh air, no doubt.. Aw well!
It is looking wonderful, though, and all in all, it was worth the trip, without doubt.

Due to swiftly shifting weather, mostly rain and otherwise high humidity, I've not dared to undercoat the models, although my fingers are itching to lay some paint unto them. Hopefully the dark clouds outside my window will clear away through the evening, so I can get them undercoated in a few hours.
I've not yet decided on which model I'll pick as mine for the painting competition the local GW's running, but I've narrowed it down to three "finalists", so to say:

The Librarian
The Broodlord
The Terminator with those fancy claws

I think it'd look nice with a cloak on either of those marines, at least if I'd be able to make it seperate from the body, and not clinging to it. Then again, the models by themself are so wonderful, that it might be shame to tamper with them..?

Anyways, any opinions as to which of the three I should go for in the competition (I will paint all of them eventually), would be most welcome!


  1. Cool, glad you got yours. Did you get to do the dice roll thing? Hehe, it sounds like lots of fun to me!
    I personally would go for the Terminator with the Lightning Claws (although I'm sure the Slaaneshi terminators might call them fancy claws!). The Broodlord and Librarian are lovely minis but almost too obvious for a painting competition as they're proper character models as such whereas the Assault Terminator (apparently he's Brother Claudio) is more a rank and file Terminator but the minis pose is awesome and there's lots of lovely little touches like the damage to his armour on his left leg and his helmet etc. However, they're all wonderful so you can't really go wrong! :D

  2. I got to roll the dice, three of them in fact, but alas the venerable Lords of Gambling were not with me. Oh, I did get two bags of stuff, but not really anything I could use... Mostly 40k stuff, and best suited to build terrain with, sadly, so hard to convert into Fantasy-stuff..
    Sort of regret not picking 5 cans of paint instead, but that's the fickle thing about gambling, I guess...

    Your vote for the guy with claws are noted!
    To be frank, I think it's the coolest model of them all; Brother Claudio, was it? Havn't gotten time to read about the different Marines yet, but I liked the Blood Angels' background, as it was presented in the Space Hulk manual.
    Then again, I've never painted battle damage, but I guess that'll only be another challenge, hm?

    Havn't decided just yet, if I get the time, I might try to finnish them all before the 10th.
    One more thing that draws me to those 'bosses', is that I'm prbably going to spend more time on the model I pick for the competition, than the other minies, and thus it's better for a boss to stand out, than a regular Marine or Genestealer, if you know what I mean...

  3. Due to swiftly shifting weather, mostly rain and otherwise high humidity, I've not dared to undercoat the models, although my fingers are itching to lay some paint unto them.
    Three words: Liquitex Black Gesso. Your priming woes will swiftly go away.

    Check out here for a re-hosting of WeeToySoldiers excellent articles on gesso.

    As to the competition? I'll second the suggestion to go for the Lightning Claw guy. He has some great imagery and heraldry.