Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Warhounds - Finished

At long last, I'm done with the first regiment of Warhounds.
I must say, I was really disapointed by the sculpts, lots of mold lines, terrible horns and tails, and I'm really not much of a fan of all those sores and tenteacles and scales, which cover most of their skins.
So, with a sharp knife and some greenstuff, I removed what I didn't like - or in the case of tails and horns, didn't glue it on - and then I simply covered it up in greenstuff, sculpted fur where the horns should have been, and made new furry tails for them aswell.
Especially with all the other new Chaos stuff being so well made, the disapointment in the dogs became double up, so to say.
When it came to painting, I wanted to stick to the black and white paint scheme I used on my Marauders, and I relearned how painfully it is to paint large areas of white, and I'm not sure if I'm happy with the way it got shaded, so any feedback and/or tips as to how I can improve it, wouldbe most welcome, as I've got as many dogs left to paint, and also got ten horses for my Marauder Horsemen, which will be painted white aswell.
Speaking of Marauder Horsemen, I couldn't help myself, and opened one of the boxes while I was painting the dogs, and before I knew it, I was cutting them out of their sprues, cleaning off mold lines and assembling them. The first 5 were undercoated and has been sitting idly waiting to be painted for the last two days, heh.
Really wonderful sculpts, so lifelike and easy to assemble and with few mold lines to speak of. I'm really looking forward to get started with them!


  1. They look a good unit and certainly match the marauders. I feel your pain on the white though, half the reason my Angels Exemplar have been ignored lately, I really hate painting white (the other half of course being I'm far too much of a fantasy player to leave the Devotees for more than a few minutes!).
    The Marauder Horsemen are wonderful models. So many spare bits as well! :D I've got a second box to get started on soon myself. Looking forward to them! I reckon your colour scheme will look great on the Horsemen. How are you equipping them? Will it be the obligatory flails?
    Oh the decision on the Warhounds tails was a good one and the ones you've sculpted look great. Until I re-read the post I hadn't even noticed so they obviously look the part! :D

  2. Thanks for the feedback Elazar!

    My Horsemen will be armed with Flails, yes, but I might give those Throwing Axes a try whenever I assemble a large enough force to bring it to battle - amongst all the wonderful spare parts are some extra axes, which I imagine will be easy to glue on at a later point, if I find the axes to my liking.

    I hope the shading on the dogs are a bit better now, after you pointed out the lack of it, when I showed my WIP picture of the first Warhound..?

    Anyways, will you give your next regiment of Horsemen Flails once again, or do you have anything fancy in mind?

  3. The shading on the hounds is definitely looking a lot better, you can see the detail of their form a lot more now. Throwing Axes are very handy game wise. When Amador's army defeated a Bretonnian force (the one I wrote the little bit of fluff about) the horsemen kept a unit of Knights of the Realm busy all game just harassing them from the rear and flanks with throwing axes and stopping them marching. If they had been allowed to get anywhere near my battle line I'd have lost as they'd have rolled up the flank. The throwing axes also saw to it that the Damsel of the Lady was felled! They're not brilliant for causing casualties but brilliant for when you're march blocking and being a nuisance to actually add the odd kill or two in! :D
    Anyway, I'm thinking the next unit of Horsemen are going to be from Endika's tribe so I want them to be a lot more brutal looking. I'm considering steel whips with some cruel spikes or something like that.

  4. Do you then equip the Horsemen with both Flails and Throwing Axes, or just the axes?

    And whips sounds lovely! Count-as-flails, or Hand-Weapons?

  5. Both usually, that way they can get stuck in if I want them too! :D
    Yeah, will be count-as-flails most likely. Seems the most fitting and definitely the most effective! :)