Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Long time no see

It's been a long time since last update, and to any followers I can only apologize. My computer broke down early last fall, and my spare lap top is unable to read SD cards. This rendered me unable to import photos to my computer, so I sort of lost interest in the whole blog, and left it alone. Not only that, I lost an important motivation for painting my Warhammer models, and must admit I've barely lifted a paint brush most of these past months.. I did paint up a Bretonnian Damsel for my brother's christmas gift, but as I couldn't get any photos up on the blog, I didn't bother with photographing it, before I gave it away - sadly, 'cos I was rather happy with how it turned out in the end.

So why revive my blog, you might ask? Well, I just happen to be the owner of a new PC, and now there's nothing to stop me from uploading photos of models I paint anymore, so why not make a small entry in the blog, to help myself get my cans of paint, bottles of glue and all my brushes out! In the moment of writing this, I have to admit my inspiration to paint Warhammer models is pretty low, but who knows what will happen, when I publish this post? Time will tell...

When I said I barely had lifted a brush these last couple of months, it was only partly true.. Many, many years before I started thinking of painting miniatures, I loved to paint and draw, and since the middle of December, I have been picking up my old aquarell-set, and done some good old fashioned painting on paper. For reasons unknown to me, I'm in a period of high inspiration and productivity not experienced for many a year, which I find immensely fun! So, in the absence of any painted miniatures, I thought I'd share some of my recently painted aquarelle paintings.

Hope you like them!