Tuesday, 22 February 2011

More aquarelles and new layout

With the revival of the blog, I thought it'd be fitting to change the old layout a bit - hope you all like the changes!

Also, I found some paintings I made last year, which I thought I could upload in lack of new stuff (I am working on a couple of things, so stay tuned!). The first two are the first two tries I did at painting people, and while they might not be as good as the last ones I've made, they mean a lot to me and were important stepping stones and taught me a lot.
The third piece is something quite different; a rather minimalistic landscape picture. It's a shame my scanner isn't better; it's not able to capture very light pictures as they are, and because of this, the colours are a bit paler than they should be. Nevertheless, I wanted to upload it, 'cos I made a lot of pictures like this a couple of years ago. Reminds me of the special light of the northern parts of Norway, with its cold and salty smell...