Thursday, 3 March 2011


Just a short update.

After reading Nesbet's great tutorial on how to improve miniature photographing, I've spent some time experimenting with my camera's settings, and I have taken some new pictures of some old models, trying to use Nesbet's tips. Despite this, I still struggle with getting the light balance right, so my pictures have a slight yellow tint to them, but the details are much, much sharper! The increase in quality of my photos has been demonstrated at, where the new pictures of models I previously had uploaded, now average a score 0,5-1,5 points higher than the old pictures! I'm still not 100 % happy with the quality; it's not perfect, but I need 2 more lamps and a proper photobox for it to get much better. Anyways, do drop by Nesbet's blog and take with you some photo-tips if you haven't already, and if you feel for it, drop by my CMON-page and see the improvement for yourself.

On a different subject, I'm working on a couple of miniatures at the moment, so the next post will probably contain some photos of that instead of aquarelles. My brother and I plan to hold a painting session over Skype tomorrow, to help each other with the motivation. We used to paint together in our parents' basement when we were younger, but now that we've both moved from home, I think it's several years since we last painted together. So there's a bit of nostalgia in it all, but I hope that this will lead to more miniatures painted and lots of fun chatting about nonsense while we're at it - just like old times!